School Facts

A great education requires more than a seat in the classroom. At Cretin-Derham Hall—an exclusive partner of Amerigo Twin Cities—you will have access to the tools, resources, and people that open the door to a limitless future.

  • 1,215 students

  • Co-ed enrollment

  • 44 AP and Honors courses offered

  • Technologically advanced engineering and science labs

  • Dual enrollment courses to earn university credit

  • Athletic teams across 18+ sports

  • Award-winning fine arts program

  • 170 courses across a variety of subjects

  • 1:12 faculty to student ratio

  • Newly renovated athletic facilities

Advanced Facilities

Located on a safe, urban, 22-acre campus in the heart of the Twin Cities, the Cretin-Derham Hall campus offers students everything they need to grow as students and become successful. Cretin-Derham Hall facilities include a modern Literacy Center, Collaborative Learning Center, and Exploration Center. These facilities are designed to accommodate to different learning styles across the student body. Engineering and science labs are equipped with advanced technology, exposing students to digital microscopes and 3D printers. A newly renovated field house and weight room are utilized by pro-athlete alumni to train in the off-season. Encouraging involvement in the arts, Cretin-Derham Hall has art studios for ceramics, painting, and drawing with updated equipment and clean spaces for students to work in. An award-winning fine arts department resides in the 450-seat auditorium where recognized productions are performed.